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excerpt from The Future of the Working Australian Shepherd

by Dana MacKenzie, Aussie Times Sept/Oct 1993, pp.71-74

One subject I have not mentioned is those Aussie lines which have recent outcrosses to Border Collies.  These lines have produced some excellent working dogs.  The only place there is a problem is in the trial arena, with these dogs having a distinct advantage due to their mixed heritage.  Our primary breed club, the Australian Shepherd Club of America, has made no stand on the crossbred dog issue, registering anything received as long as someone swears they have purebred Aussie parents.  This policy does occasionally make for some very unusual looking registered Australian Shepherds.  Also, it is difficult for individuals to take a stand against crossbreeding when the parent club has chosen to ignore the issue.

But the question here is preserving the working Australian Shepherd.  I will draw no conclusions.  These crossbred Aussies eye and creep, show natural distance off their stock, will outrun, and have lots of instinct.


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