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by Red Oliver, Excerpted from Ranch Dog Trainer June/July 1997 pp. 22-23

"That I isolate the BC and Kelpie as the only two "eye" breeds probably brings some of you out of your chairs wanting to get physical.  Don't despair.  Let me go further into this truthful statement.  My many decades of experience going to the dogs would tell me that most likely every other breed of dog has "eye" and exhibits "eye" under certain but limited situations, but the two breeds I mention, the BC and the Kelpie are the only two herding breeds that use "eye" continuously when they are herding.  For instance the difference between the Australian Shepherd stock dog and the BC is not one of a paper trail, as that has little to do with what happens in the back yard, but how they work.  If you see a dog working like a Border Collie it dang sure ain't no Aussie, regardless of what its pedigree states."


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