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Opinion Poll to the ASCA Membership

from Aussie Times, January/February 1991, p.16 Copyright 2001 Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.

With numerous concerns over cross-breeding, the ASCA Board of Directors would like to be able to do something about this.  After much discussion and investigation, on solution of DNA Fingerprinting was found to be most feasible.  DNA Fingerprinting is a simple procedure of drawing 5 ml. of blood, for the cost of $50.00 per dog. (This quote is from the Michigan area, but should be representative.)

The solution would beto DNA Fingerprint every breeding dog and bitch in our Registry.  That is, before any puppies could be registered in
our Registy, both parents must have their DNA Fingerprint on file.  That way if questions come up regarding a particular progeny, tests
can be made to determine parentage.

For legal reasons this would be required from everyone.  The Board of Directors would like your opinion on this.  PLEASE SPEAK UP!


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