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Jerry and Sharon Rowe

J Bar D Kennel, Berthoud, Colorado, 1993 Australian Shepherd Annual, quotes from an interview in the "Australian Shepherd People" segment.

Jerry Rowe: "We'd been to Border Collie trials and we knew that these dogs [Australian Shepherds] were not to work like a Border Collie, they were farm dogs." (page 165)

Sharon Rowe: "The other big thing we must realize is the Australian Shepherd has a totally different use than a Border Collie. Our dogs are used on close-up ranch work and they are hard to beat. Border Collies can't compete with that, and we are looking at two different types of dogs." (page 174)

Jerry Rowe: "That is one of the dangers we are running into, is people are wanting to make the Aussie look like the Border Collie working style.  People say they are not doing that, but everybody trains for it, and eventually it's going to change them into that." (page 174)

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