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Stockdog Committee Report

ASCA Yearbook 1957-1977, page I-10 Copyright 2001 Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.

Douglas R. Bailey, Chairman

The Stock Dog Committee was formed in August, 1973, to revise the existing stockdog program. The object of the revision was to draft a program that was better suited to the working style of the Australian Shepherd.

A certification program was included to recognize the merits and capabilities of the dogs in ranch work, trial work, and in specialized,
unique jobs.

The committee for the revision included Robert Carrillo, Sebastopol, Ca, Chairman: with Ernest Hartnagle, Boulder, CO, Walter Lamar, O'Keene, OK, and Steve Stephenson, Simi Valley, CA as committee members.

The revised program was tested in actual trial situations while the revisions were being made.The revise program was then put into effect  June 1,1975. The program was again revised in August, 1977, using the input that was gather from actual usage of the program in trial and ranch situations from past two years.

To date: 118 dogs have received qualifying scores since the program began in 1974. Of them, 58 dogs are currently certified title holders.

There are now 14 approved stock dog judges and 5 apprentice judges.

The current stock dog chairman is Douglas R. Bailey, Woodinville, Washington



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