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Training the Upstanding Breeds:  Inside Flanks

by Linda C. Franklin, Ranch Dog Trainer April/May 1995, p. 49

"If the following offends some people, I'm sorry, but it is truly the way I view this matter based on my wide experiences with so many different sorts of dogs.  Upstanding dogs are typically and invariably quite handler-oriented and extremely devoted to same, part and parcel of why we wish to own them.  They value their association with you, their owner, above their love of herding.  They herd to help you.  They have another life besides herding.  Unlike the eye breeds, looking up a sheep's rear while it travels over the horizon is probably NOT what the average upstanding dog perceives as heaven-on-earth until such time as they are convinced that such, in fact, is what you want.  Heavy eye contact with livestock triggers vastly different influences and thus ingredients in the process of driving training."


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