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Quote from Neil Weaver, ASCA President

From Aussie Times President's Report, March/April 1994 p. 16

All livestock registries - dog, horse, cattle, sheep, etc. - have always relied on their breeders to *honestly* record the correct parentage of individual animals submitted for registration.

ASCA is no different.  If you look at individuals from some of today's purebred dog breeds and compare them to what they looked and acted like years ago, harmful and dishonest crossbreeding has been going on in may registries for decades.  We do not want to weaken or> change the character of our breed, and we do not want to increase the genetic problems - PRA, Collie Eye Anomaly, hip dysplasia - in our breed.

ASCA is going to do everything in its power to correct and punish any dishonesty directed toward ASCA's registry.  Aussie/Border Collie crosses, shown as ASCA registered dogs at our trials or in the show ring, is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by the honest exhibitors of ASCA.



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