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Quotes from What do you want for our Stockdog Program?

by Steven Winn, from Aussie Times, Nov/Dec 1986 pp. 22-23 Copyright 2001 Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.

"I would like you to know at this point that this article is not about this particular issue [HIC tests] or any other.  The point I'm trying to make is much deeper.

I am not trying to run our program down at all.  I believe in what we are doing.  However, there is one thing to remember, a program is only as good as its administrators - its *leaders* (Board of Directors, Stockdog Committee, judges, etc.)  The people that developed our program did a very good job.  But the people leading us now are letting the program down compared to what it could be.  I believe they are slipping not by what they are doing, but by *what they are not doing*.

The most important element in trying to achieve anything is to establish a goal and set your objectives.  What I mean be a goal is a statement of what you believe in, as statement of purpose.

The point I'm trying to make is this.  I would like to see our leaders stop debating these smaller ideas and program changes and work on what our stockdog program needs.  We need a well thought out goal, a statement that tells us what we think are the important features and what we believe in - a Constitution.

After we have a goal the objectives will fall into line.  We can all look at a program or idea and see if it leads to and holds to our ideals that we all can read and understand.

If we take the time to do this, later generations will still hold to our beliefs.  If not, the quality of our program will fluctuate with different administrations.  Now I ask, do you know what you want for our stockdog program?"



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