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Finals Competition

by Cee Hambo (below, direct quote from Jeanne-Joy Hartnagle's contribution to the book)

"Over the years, I have had an opportunity to watch many other Aussies throughout the country on farms and ranches and in trial competition. The most consistent, natural stockdogs I have come across can all be traced to a few major bloodlines, Twin Oaks, Slash
V, Woods, Windsong and Las Rocosa.

As a breeder one is always keeping an eye towards the future. It is important to find bloodstock that is compatible to yours without
compromising any of the qualities that it has taken years to establish, improve and perfect.

The Aussie as I see it is an attractive, sound, athletic, intelligent dog that can handle stock in the "real" world. In order to maintain these qualities we must continue to breed by the yardstick of performance. As we progress into the future with more futurities, maturi�ties, stockdog trials and finals, I hope all breeders strive to maintain the true working Aussie, who is authoritative and versatile enough to handle any task at hand. As far as I am concerned the gene pool already exists, it is simply a matter of selectively breeding for the desired traits.

All I know when it comes to handling rank, dangerous stock where I may be in jeopardy...it is an Australian Shepherd I want on my team.
He may not always be as finessfull as some other breeds, but I can rest assured if something ever pinned me to the ground, my Aussies would die trying to protect me.

Jeanne Joy Hartnagle"


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