*The comparative photographs and illustrations on this website were chosen to present a visual of working style. Because the photographs are taken at 1/125th of a second, they are not intended to depict the overall natural style of the particular dog shown.

The Aussie has historically been described as a moderate to loose eyed, upright, close working breed that uses wear.  These traits are unique to loose eyed breeds like the Aussie.  Please see the What Is Aussie Style? page for much more historical documentation, and in-depth descriptions.

Take a look at the two drawings below, and see if you can identify which is an Australian Shepherd and which is a Border Collie.

How about the two photos below?  Which of the dogs is an Australian Shepherd?

Photo by 2mc Design

Photo by Pet Personalities


We have made an entire page discussing eye...please click here to check it out.

Mouse over the drawing at right to see an example of how an Aussie might look when using "Aussie Eye."





"...this is an instinctive maneuver by the dog and not a command. 
It is the act of going back and forth behind the stock in order to
keep the stock grouped.  It is in this action that the dog keeps the
stragglers bunched with the herd."

- Red Oliver
"Training the Stock Dog", Aussie Times, March/April 1994 pp. 63-68


Photos show Aussie style, wearing back and forth to keep the group together, and also illustrates how the Aussie works close with the stock remaining calm.  If the dog worked farther off the stock they would stop and graze and nothing would move. 

Close Work

Aussie doing close work penning sheep--Windsongs Falcon DOB 1/27/87

More close work as two Aussies work calves through the chute.  Slash V Semi Sweet DOB 9/3/77 and Slash V Crimson Tide DOB 3/20/79


Windsong's Shenanigan DOB 9/4/75, photo by C.A. Sharp

A newer generation dog, born 20 years after Shenanigan, working cow/calf pairs.




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