ASCA Timeline

Circa 1945 Sisler's Keno whelped

Circa 1946 Sisler's Blue (Starr) whelped

Circa 1948 Sisler's Shorty and Stub whelped out of Keno and Blue. 
These two brought the Australian Shepherd to the public, through
their amazing rodeo performances, and gave us a permanent visual
record of the foundation Aussie's typical working style, in Walt
Disney's 1956 featurette, "Stub, the Greatest Cowdog in the West".


  • June 9 - First organized meeting of Aussie fanciers calling
    themselves The Australian Shepherd Club of America


  • March 22 - First registered Australian Shepherd, Hart's Panda

  • April - First ASCA Show is held in Arizona

  • First ASCA affiliate club formed


  • May -  First Australian Shepherd Breed Standard approved


  • November - Breed Standard revised


  • First issue of the club newsletter, Aussie Times, published


  • ASCA Stock Dog Committee formed


  • March - ASCA opened breed registry

  • August - Show Program began


  • August -  Stock Dog Committee re-formed

  • December 31 - Stud Book closed


  • July 22 - First ASCA Stock Dog Trial (Santa Rosa, California)


  • Stock Dog Program revised


  • Aussie Style by Mari Taggart (Editor of the American Sheepdog Journal) from the Spring 1976 Aussie Times page 25


  • First ASCA Yearbook published

  • January 15 - Adoption of the ASCA Breed Standard

  • August - Stock Dog Program revised, with new score sheet

  • August 1 - Registry reopened

  • Working Style By Philip C. Wildhagan, ASCA Historian, History of the Australian Shepherd - (ASCA Yearbook 1957-1977, pg. 11-6)

  • Quote from Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, from "Finals Competition" by Cee Hambo

  • From the original Stockdog Committee Report ASCA Yearbook 1957-1977, page I-10



  • Autumn - Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association Stock Dog Futurity


  • ASC of Texas Working Futurity


  • July 1 - Stud Book reopened


  • Membership voted not to become AKC Parent Club, but remain independent

  • From All About Aussies by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, first edition, page 45, Copyright 1985 by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle

  • 1985 Futurity held at the Nationals by the ASC of Washington




  • January - Course B approved, first used in Riverside, CA trial

  • ASCA Board considers Stock Dog Finals program

  • July/Aug - Board approves Stock Dog Finals

  • "Triple ATD" becomes officially designated as Working Trial Champion or WTCH

  • 1988 Cen-Tex Futurity

  • First ASCA Stock Dog Finals, Pasadena, TX


  • ASCA begins centralization process


  • Lone Star's Yellow Rose Futurity, Anson, TX

  • North West Regional Futurity, Graham, WA

  • Silver Bullet Futurity, Clements, CA

  • CASA Regional Futurity in Loveland, CO

  • Futurity Finals in Loveland, CO

  • January 1 - Hardship Registry closed

  • Questions of possible crossbreeding arise from Futurity entries

  • Ringers by Kathy Hoyt-Warren, originally published in the Aussie Times Sept/Oct 1990 p. 101

  • Terminology by Kathy Hoyt-Warren, originally published in the Aussie Times Jan/Feb 1991 p. 35


  • AKC accepts "splinter group" ASA as Parent Club of the Australian

  • Canadian Kennel Club recognizes the ASCA Australian Shepherd; does
    not recognize the AKC registered Aussie

  • ASCA agility is introduced

  • Poll of membership regarding DNA testing appears in Aussie Times

  • Quote from Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, from "Finals Competition" by Cee Hambo


  • January 1 - Hardship Registry reopened for NSDR and UKC registered dogs only

  • "Aussie Rescue Network" created (later became ARPH)

  • Fall - ASCA Business Office moves to permanent building in Bryan, Texas

  • Lone Star's Yellow Rose Futurity, Elgin, TX

  • ASC of WA's Australian Shepherd Futurity, Graham, WA


  • June 1 - Ranch Dog Trial certification begins

  • Working Style--Aussies vs Border Collies By Jeanne Weaver, Aussie Times, January-February 1993, page 68

  • Comments from Jerry and Sharon Rowe, J Bar D Kennel, Berthoud, Colorado, 1993 Australian Shepherd Annual, from an interview in the "Australian Shepherd People" segment.

  • Aussie internet "chat lists" appear

  • Lone Star's Al Kinson Memorial Derby, Holliday, TX


  • January 1 - Revamped Stock Dog score sheets effective

  • ASCA publicly addresses membership's questions concerning crossbreds registered as Aussies

  • What is the Australian Shepherd? by Terry Martin, Slash V Working Australian Shepherds, beginning paragraphs of article printed in the Ranch Dog Trainer Magazine 1994

  • Excerpt from an article by Roger Stevens called A Tale of Three Aussies, Aussie Times, January/February 1994, pp. 75-80

  • May/June - ASCA implements voluntary DNA parentage verification pilot program

  • July - ASCA petitions Disney to release "Stub" on video

  • Chickasaw Dan Futurity, Murfreesboro, TN


  • Post Advanced Trial Course implemented

  • ASCA implements "Plan B" not for breeding status; may be used at
    ASCA's discretion if registration photos show severe deviation from Aussie type

  • September 27 - Affiliate Club Meeting discusses regular Altered Conformation classes

  • September 29 - ASCA's "home page" presence on the burgeoning internet explained

  • ASC of Rougue Valley's Harvest Fair Futurity, Central Point, OR


  • May - ASCA Board announces phased-in mandatory DNA registration procedures

  • September - ASCA Board, acting on membership disapproval, rescinds
    phased-in DNA registration procedures

  • September - ASCA Board approves creation of a Most Versatile Aussie Committee

  • September - DNA Committee established

  • Canadian Kennel Club added to qualified registries for Hardship

  • ASCA officially designates "DNA-CP" and "DNA-VP" for inclusion at end of dog's name

  • November - ASCA Board approves AKC as qualified registry for Hardship


  • Aussie Times begins monthly publication

  • The Working Australian Shepherd:  The Aussie Outrun and Style by Terry Martin, from the Ranch Dog Trainer, Feb/Mar 1997, pp. 38-42

  • April - Board, acting on membership disapproval, rescinds vote to accept AKC for Hardship registration

  • June - Board of Directors publishes statement in Aussie Times, urging membership to vote to close the Hardship Registry

  • July - Updated Trialing Guidelines published

  • August - Affil-L, discussion list for members of ASCA affiliates, goes online


  • March - LEP registry rules revised to define LEP dogs as "purebred Australian Shepherds"

  • March - Most Versatile Aussie Committee re-formed

  • September - Aussie Time returns to bi-monthly publication

  • September - Bylaws Committee formed

  • November - Board of Directors drafts letter to conformation judges instructing them to ignore tail length in countries banning docking

  • November - National Specialty Most Versatile Aussie Rules

  • Gulf Coast Australian Shepherd Futurity, Baton Rouge, LA

  • The Australian Shepherd as a Sheep Dog by Mari Taggart Morrison, From Ranch Dog Trainer, Dec '98/Jan'99 pp. 8-11 (with quotes from Rick Pinney)


  • excerpt from The Stockdog Corner, a letter from Brent Johnson of California, by Terry Martin, from Aussie Times, May/June 1999, p.82-83

  • ASCA records 100,000th E-registered dog

  • Wildrose Futurity, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


  • Membership polled and approves AKC for Hardship Registry

  • DNA Complaint Resolution Procedures approved

  • March - ASCA Board of Directors revokes German Tail Letter

  • December - ASCA Board of Directors approves ASCA Mission Statement


  • January 1 - Altered Championship Classes implemented on 2-year trial basis

  • March - Hardship/LEP Viewing Committee formed

  • April - Breed Standard Review Committee formed

  • Hardship Registration amended to require DNA profiling of applicant

  • Nov/Dec 2001 issue of the Aussie Times, quote from Terry Martin in the Stockdog Corner



  • January 1 - Stock Dog Program institutes Course "C"

  • Southeast ASC's Elaine Stevens Memorial Futurity, Dothan, AL

  • October - Stock Dog Committee begins work developing a Working
    Description for the Australian Shepherd


  • January 1 - "Popular Dams" DNA requirement implemented

  • Bluebonnet Futurity, Boerne, TX

  • Why I chose Aussies by Norm Andrews, Nebraska, April 2004




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